Travela Ink Selvedge Jean

RAW SELVEDGE DENIM 13oz COMFORT STRETCH PATINA TRIMS BUTTON FLY LEATHER PATCH SLIM FIT Wearing a pair of dirty indigos. We deliver our dirty indigo jeans dry, raw and ready to be “broke in”. We steer away from fads, on-trend detailing and overkill, preferring instead, to follow our classic blueprint outlining our DNA.


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This skater boy is wearing a size 31


Expect Delivery Within 72hrs


Caring for your dirty indigos. It’s really about the relationship you form with your jeans and how you choose to treat them that will determine their evolution. The theories are endless but our suggestion is quite simple, wear them for 6 months, wear them hard, treat them harder and keep them away from the tub, washing machine and, if you must, hang them outside the shower and steam them instead. When you reach that day, drop them flat and inside out into the bathtub and let them rest for a day. Don’t mess with them, just let them soak then take them out, don’t wring them, just lay them flat and let them dry. Don’t press them, just slide back into them and watch history start appearing. Do this every six months at a time and savour every experience. This is the dirty indigo way.