I guess the blame falls squarely on my first pair of hand me down, naturally aged 501’s I inherited from a family member. Back then this brand was the one that you hung out on the streets in, hunted for adventure in, cut mangos in and cleaned up nicely to have Sunday lunch at your cousin’s in. Without even knowing it, the relationship I developed with my trusted denim’s became the narrative I was searching for, and that didn’t need some “six gun over cooled spin doctoring Sid” to distort what honesty, time and a truly authentic pair of “indigo blues” would do to influence my decisions, later on down the line.

In a nutshell, Dirty Indigo is a brand that was rooted naturally, propagated slowly and eventually, through trials and errors, made its way to some pretty cool corner stores. Time has passed and some 12 years on, the line has been crossed and the real journey seems to have begun. We offer more of a Miles approach than fast turning, deep street. Trusted shapes that avoid on trend, and above all, a fierce commitment to quality, premium driven fabrications and authentic trim.

This product principle and design philosophy are reflected throughout the line. If over time they rip, let us know and allow us the honor of a rework and repair treatment to your “trusteds”. We come RAW, LAGOON WASHED, BIO POLISHED AND SPICED. Access to a limited supply of premium fabrications, predetermines our minimums, keeping the brand and our promises honest and on lockdown.

When you buy into the brand that’s when your journey begins and, if you are calm and patient during this romance, I am pretty confident each piece you collect along the way, will become that “go to” item in your collection, the mainstay that makes it back into the wardrobe season on season as it should. That’s what DIRTY INDIGO is and that is what I believe this brand can offer.

A trusted friend along the way.